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I demand a complete ban on the entire Avatar project.
All created and conceived films

      As long as Mr. James Cameron was content with making just one movie, that movie could be considered an unfortunate prank by a crazy screenwriter (out of touch with the real world). That is, the joke has become obsolete and it is time to forget it.
      However, now the second film has been released, and there are at least three more in the project.
      Therefore, the old unsuccessful joke turns into propaganda for many years to come!
      Who is Jake Sully? This question will arise when watching any movie, regardless of the plot, and brings us back to the first movie.
Jake Sally is an earthling who betrayed his homeland and all earthlings. But he did not just move to live on another planet, but with weapons in his hands took the side of the enemy. Jake Sully is a traitor, a killer of people from the planet Earth and a thief who stole weapons and equipment..
      J. Cameron claims that this is not just possible, but that such an act is very good!
      I don't think everyone agrees with this propaganda!

      In contrast: Let us recall Russian classical literature and N. Gogol's story "Taras Bulba".
      The beginning of the seventeenth century, the war between Ukraine and Poland. The son of Taras goes to the enemy and begins to fight on the side of the Poles. For this, the father kills his son. “I gave birth to you, I will kill you,” is a well-known phrase.
      Hostility, at least, to traitors existed, on planet Earth, among all peoples and at all times.
      J. Cameron is apparently from another planet. But we still live on this planet, so propaganda in the Avatar is not for us.

      Now there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. The Avatar hero is a very bad role model..

      However, after a long propaganda, in a few years, complete madness will begin all over the world. Namely: the army of any country, in the event of a military conflict, can follow the recommendations of J. Cameron!

      Therefore, it is necessary to ban the Avatar project as soon as possible!

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