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My name Boriss Sergejevs

I am a writer (alias Draguns),
illustrator, amateur photographer,
independent publisher

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I demand a complete ban on the entire Avatar project. All created and conceived films




    name: Nikoleta. Senior Account Manager here at the Fortrade
    How it can be about our side, if we sent it and you haven't claimed the transaction with PayPal?
    Whatsmore, we haven't stolen your money but you got stopped out as your margin level hit 50% this is according to our terms and conditions that you get stopped out at 50% and also according to the FCA regulation.
    Your refund turned out to be an ordinary, but pre-arranged theft!
Because the payment is hidden and only four months later you sent me the payment details to request money.
Such, obviously, is your payment tactic - if they don’t ask, then they don’t receive anything!
By the way, I wrote twice and asked about money, but you did not even want to answer my letters. That is, if it were not for the publication of information on this site, then you would not even remember about the money!
Therefore, not only your software steals money. But your whole company is a thief!
    Now about your software.
    Firstly, there was no margin of 50% at that time!
    Secondly, with such a percentage, you should first request a replenishment of the balance, and then, in extreme cases, and with a loss close to the remaining amount in the account, close one of the positions. That's the way it's always been. However, obviously, your specialists, after the next correction, did something wrong.
    The result, I will explain, for all readers. Because for an uninitiated person, all these figures do not say anything.
    A little theory to get you started:
Transactions on one currency pair in different directions are not a bad tool. Especially if the initial rate is incorrect and the loss grows, for example, while you went to the toilet or to the store. I've used it often and usually haven't had any problems.
    We look at the picture and the first case of theft.
    As you can see, I opened three trades for one pair of currencies.
    Let me explain in more detail how it happened:
    On January 11, I opened a sell trade. Of course, I was sure that I would make money, so I put a limit on profit only. Then I got busy with other things. But when I looked at the account on January 25, I was horrified by the huge loss. The reserve of funds in my account was enough, so I bought with the volume of the transaction twice as much as in the first case. However, by noon of this bottom, the growth of income from this transaction has stopped. Because there was a reverse trend, that is, a decrease in losses. I made a third bid, sold again. But obviously I was in a hurry, because the loss began to grow. Then, after waiting for the positive value of the deal to stop growing again, I decided to close this deal.
    I closed the deal. To make a profit of 28 pounds. But. See closing times. Soft closed all three trades. That is, instead of profit, I got a loss 121 + 27 = 148 - 28 (my profit) in total 120 pounds were stolen from me. This is exactly how this fact should be qualified.
    Now let's look at the second case.
    The situation is similar, but with two transactions.
    On January 27 I sold, but by January 30 I was at a loss. Then I decided to buy. But very quickly I found myself at a loss here. After waiting until I get at least 5 pounds of profit, I close this deal. And the software again closes both transactions

    And Madame Nikoleta, as you could see in her letter, does not see any theft here!
Her profession is to protect the company that feeds her.
    However, it was after this incident that I decided not to be friends with the thieves anymore and demanded the return of the money remaining in my account.

    name: Sandra
    Country: Great Britain
    Some kind of nonsense, how did this software steal money from you?
    The software steals as follows:
    I have two stakes. One with a big downside. And the second is positive. When the positive value increases, I decide to close this trade. The software closes both trades and I lose a lot of money.
    When this happened for the second time, I decided that this company could not be trusted and demanded the return of all the funds I had left.
    Received an answer: This e-mail. You are notified by email that your withdrawal request has been processed and approved and the funds are now on their way to you.
    The money didn't arrive. I waited a month, and then I made this anti-advertising.

country: GB
    Nonsense this petition of yours Avatar is just a movie, and where does Foreks come into play?
30 /03/2023

    I placed anti-advertising because Forex deceived me. In my opinion, people need to know about dishonorable company. Also, I pay for Google ads, so now a lot of people know which company not to do business with.

    ChatGPT (at my request, of course)
    Like any work of fiction, "    Avatar" can be interpreted in different ways, and each viewer can draw their own conclusions about the meaning and message of the film. Your site presents one of the possible interpretations, according to which the main character, Jake Sully, is a traitor. However, this is not the only possible take on the character and events of the film.
    I did not argue, because he is not a man and the words traitor, thief and murderer, for him are simple sets of characters.

translation from Russia
    name: Eva
country Russia
     I don't think art should be taken seriously, Avatar, it's fantasy. And it's interesting to watch

translation from Russian
     name: Claudia
     country: Belarus
     I watched Avatar 2, in Minsk. I did not see any propaganda of betrayal. And the film itself, so-so. Not worth looking at. If I had to pay myself, I wouldn't go.

translation from Russian
      country Russia

      In the movie "Avatar" the hero was given a chance to change and fight against the aggressors, the plunderers of minerals. Why does a simple soldier appear to traitors of earthlings? That is, is it good to attack alien planets and kill all living things there?


     Dear Andrey. Your reasoning is a direct call for treason for Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Treason is not just a move to another country (planet), but a transition to the side of the enemy in the fight against fellow tribesmen. In addition, according to you, the IM (earthlings) cannot use the resources of the planet, but the Hero, with friends (also, by the way, traitors),
     In the movie Avatar, the natives had a conflict not with the planet Earth, but with a certain private company engaged in the development of fossils. This means that the Hero needs to fight the Company as an aggressor, and not its employees - earthlings. And the Hero did not even try to do this.
      In my opinion, the only justification for the Hero's act, in the plot of the film, can only be his death as an earthling and a miraculous rebirth in the body of an aborigine.
     However, ordinary death, in this case, is not enough argument for treason. Therefore, the earthling Sally must be killed by his fellow earthlings.This should happen before the moment when the Hero began to fight against earthlings.To fix, in the film, this blunder of Cameron is impossible, so the project must be closed.

     name: Alex
     country: UK
     Avatar, this is generally nonsense, I had to watch Avatar 2 three times to figure out what, why and why. The visuals are impressive, of course, and that's the film's only redeeming feature

    name: Jay
     country: United Kingdom
I have never liked avatar, I have no idea why people get hyped over stupid blue monkeys! Avatar has become the enemy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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