London in Three Days
or Three days in London
A brief travel guide to London with pictures
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The book is published in
English - French, German - Italian, Latvian - Russian.



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Design, photographs and drawings are by the author
Format A6.(148x105 mm)

Edition 2020 Pages 51. Photos 144. Sketch maps 8
Edition 2021 Pages 51. Photos 145. Sketch maps 8

In each of the languages (total of 102 pages)

.English version of the book in PDF format here.
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     My first book called “A Travel guide to London” was written in 2006. I invited a reader to explore the walking tours in it. But not everyone can manage walking eight to ten kilometres a day. It won’t be possible to complete the route if someone wants to visit attractions or museums on their way. (The book wasn’t published and only exists as an e-book).
    Now I offer a very long trip through the city centre and to some of the neighboring districts. The guide is not about the exact routes only but gives you an overview of what you will be able to see, so you can choose any direction. Put more simply, by being introduced to the content of this book, you can easily choose the route you prefer.
     For you to be able to get from one place to another more quickly, I’ve listed the names of the nearest Underground stations and the approximate distance between the places in metres.
    I’ve included small sketches marked with the featured spots and the streets of the area. Of course, they’re not complete maps, but I hope they will help you to orient yourself. In addition, I’ve also listed English postcodes of most of the key points. For example, EC4M 8AD is the postcode of St. Paul's Cathedral. When you input the postcode into your navigation device, you will learn how to get there as well as being able to view the place and surroundings without leaving your home, for example, in Google maps.
    I must say that getting to know London in few days is impossible. In order to see all the sightseeing spots described in this guidebook you will need at least a week. You need to visit eight boroughs which are quite far apart.
    However, if you know where the spots are, you could visit the ones of the most interest to you in one day. In my opinion, three days in London is the minimum required to, at least, look around it. This is why the book has been named as it has.