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Fantasy novel.

Elena Hudorenko

The approximate number
of words 84 000



Sketch of a cover,
proposed by the author


Book blurb:

To learn about the betrayal of your close friend, find out that your fiancée was unfaithful to you from the first day, that your father lied to you, earning dirty money and concealing that his business was built on other people's blood, that your mother was involved in the death of your closest half, your twin brother, who
you did not know of, because he died just a few months after your birth, is a terrible thing! To find out that it is his and not your heart that is beating in your chest... because of that you are alive, healthy and on the whole you are handsome, the pet of society and a child of fortune, the first man in the country and the best racing driver in the Empire!
To learn that all you thought about yourself and all they thought and knew about you is, in fact, a LIE! In fact, you are a non-standard person, an outcast who does not have the right to live, an outcast in the world in which being a non-standard is the most terrible sin punishable by death! The natural environment carefully cultivated artificially is not for the non-standards. They must not exist, they cause biotic pressure, disrupting the stability of environmental processes, and are subject to unconditional destruction when first detected. The non-standards are geeks and the first commandment of New Bible says: "If you see a non-standard person, leave it to the court of the Lord."
You have to learn all this and not break down, not give up and survive! Not only survive, but become better, stronger! To love and to carry this love through the pain and chaos, war and the collapse of the Empire. Become invincible, decide the fate of the world, it's such a big yet such a small planet whose faint light is barely visible in the universe. It should be given a chance and hope for future greatness and revival!

The author has started working on the second book


The author has publications:

1. Tale of “Dyavolissimo” Alias Elena Soloveiko.Published: Russian Federation 2002.
Publisher: Magazine fiction "Star Road".

2. The book “The jaguar of Tsar Peter” Alias Polina Sokolova
ISBN 978-5-488-00931-8 Published: Russian Federation. 2007.
Publisher: Publishing House of Onyx. The approximate number of words 81 700

3. The book "Who escaped the dead" Alias Polina Sokolova.
ISBN: 978-5-488-01224-0 Published: Russian Federation.2007.
Publisher: Publishing House of Onyx. The approximate number of words 80 300