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Proposed by the author version of the cover


Vicomte Gerard de la Pierre
an impostor
Summer 1498

Fantasy novel.

B. Draguns
The approximate number of words 113 000

Book blurb:

This is a fantasy story with a rather serious plot, in which the characters go back in time to fix circumstances that are set to lead to a global catastrophe in the future. However, this is medieval France, making it difficult for someone from our own time to survive, let alone carry out their mission.

The main character finds himself in the most incredible situations but manages to survive, thanks to his 21st century military training. His espionage skills, coupled with a natural desire to help people, enable him to carry out the task assigned to him.

After two months, he realises that his assignment is fundamentally flawed. Nevertheless, he knows what needs to be done and plans to inform his superior that the mission will be comple

The book is illustrated by 12 drawings and 38 sketches, to each chapter, from the author.


Russian version of the cover, the first book