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The book are written in Russian. If you get interested in a book, it can be translated into English.
    Helen Hagon, MA, PGCE, DipTrans, Literary translator and editor agreed to translate into English the first book  

Vicomte Gerard de la Pierre
an impostor.
Appalling 1500 year.
Fantasy novel.

B. Draguns

The approximate number of words 104 000

Proposed by the author version of the cover

The hero gets an assistant from the future.
The hero (lieutenant, in the royal service) is sent with a mission to Toledo (the capital of Spain, at this time), where the hero miraculously manages to escape, at least prison, by deceiving the King of Aragon himself.
The hero is captured: Spanish spy. Captain from the service of "control over movement in time." English spy, who, two years ago, the Hero took money. And Berber pirates, on the way to Italy. He is plundered by the Italian bandits and it is with great difficulty that he manages to return to France.
But the Hero fulfills the task assigned in the 21st century.
In the end, the Hero retires and remains in the Middle Ages.